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Currency Watch

Pick a currency & we will track it for you

Here's what you get for just 2.5 for a day (*effective rate for 1 year package)

Currency Watch Package
3 months 299
1 year 899
On all currencies, as and when

Currency Update

1 US $ = Rs 55.9600

1 Euro € = Rs 67.6499

1 UK Pound = Rs 86.7462

1 Aus Dollar = Rs 57.4150

1 Japanese Yen = Rs 0.7157

1 Singapore Dollar - Rs 44.3704

1 Renminbi (Yuan) = Rs 8.7633

1 Taiwan Dollar = Rs 1.8601

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Moneycontrol Desktop application

  • Subscribe to any of the above packages and Download our moneycontrol Desktop application FREE. (You need a Windows 7 / XP / Vista operating system.)
  • Our Desktop Alerts will deliver critical market updates directly to your computer even if you are not on
  • Instant notifications will ensure that you do not miss out on important market alerts and breaking news.

Complete customisation of your alert list

  • Replace the stocks/MFs/commodities in your alert list
  • Choose the time of receiving alerts
  • Modify the alert content that you would like to receive
  • Choose the mode of receiving alerts (SMS, Email, Desktop)
  • Customise price and volume triggers
  • Pause your alerts at any time


  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) allows operators to send SMS for opt in services. When you opt in for Investment Watch you will receive the SMS alerts even if your mobile number is registered in the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC). For any feedback send mail to
  • SMS alerts will be sent everytime at the time specified but receiving the SMS's on time depends entirely on the operator.

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