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Portfolio Watch

Track your investments on the move

Here's what you get for just 12 for a day (*effective rate for 1 year package)

Portfolio Watch Package
3 months 1499
1 year 4499

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Portfolio Watch 1499 4499


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Only Stocks 899 2699
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*You can also opt to receive Futures Price alert for your stocks (3 SMS per stock daily).


  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) allows operators to send SMS for opt in services. When you opt in for Investment Watch you will receive the SMS alerts even if your mobile number is registered in the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC). For any feedback Contact Us
  • SMS alerts will be sent everytime at the time specified but receiving the SMS's on time depends entirely on the operator.
  • All price alerts sent are NSE prices and for stocks listed only on the BSE the BSE prices are sent
  • The default upper and lower cutoff for Stock Price & Intra-day Triggers is set at a fixed % above or below respectively than its last traded price. This % is set at 20% for stocks with market cap less than or equal to 500 cr, 15% if market cap is greater than 500 cr but less than or equal to 1000 cr, and 10% if market cap is greater than 1000 cr but less than or equal to 5000 cr, and 5% if market cap is greater than 5000 cr.

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